Monday, February 20, 2012

UPDATE: Buddy Roemer has left the Republican Party and is now an Independent!! But you can still send a message to both parties by voting for him on the GOP ballot on Tuesday February 28th

Occupy The GOP Primary

Imagine waking up the morning of Wednesday February 29th to learn that the political parties and the corporations have been served notice that they don’t get to pick our President, we the voters do. And imagine that Michigan voters served this notice.

Occupy woke us up to the fact that the system is rigged and that extends to how we elect our leaders.

Consider the current GOP field commonly known as the “Clown Show”. Are you satisfied with that field? We thought not.

Would it surprise you to learn that there is WAS a GOP candidate who visited Occupy Wall Street in October, not to ask anyone for their vote, but just to listen to what people had to say? And that he walked away saying that Occupy got it right, the system IS rigged. And it is all about the corrupting influence of money. And he said it loudly and publicly. He wasn’t telling anyone to “get a job right after you take a bath”!

So why haven’t you heard about this man who is a Harvard-trained Economist and MBA, a former Governor who reduced the unemployment rate in his state from over 12 % to under 6% in one term? Who is this man who served four congressional terms in Washington before returning home to start a very successful community bank that took no TARP money and never foreclosed on a mortgage? Who is this man who doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk by running for President of the United States taking No PAC or Super PAC money and limits campaign contributions to $100?

Charles “Buddy” Roemer.

The reason you may not have heard of him is that in spite of his exceptional credentials; a platform that fights for the 99% over the 1%; and a charming “everyman” personality, he has been totally shunned by the GOP and blacked out by the corporate owned media. We guess it isn’t that surprising given their collective incentive to maintain the current rigged system. But what is surprising is how blatant they have been in silencing his message.


Buddy Roemer has some important solutions to offer the voters …solutions that no other candidate is discussing.

• Like getting the money and lobbyists out of Washington and meaning it. Yes, working to overturn Citizens United but also passing some immediate reforms to diminish its influence, like immediate disclosure of the source of funds vs. the 120 days required by law

• Like Fair Trade with China vs. Free Trade to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA.

• Like a fairer tax plan that starts with exempting the first $50K and then a flat 17% after that for both corporation and individuals. No loopholes!

• Like reinstating important bank regulations such as Glass-Steigall and eliminating “Too Big To Fail”

• Like strengthening Social Security, not by privatizing it or cutting benefits, but rather by simply raising the retirement age one month per year for 24 years. How reasonable!

This is NOT an attempt to hijack the Occupy movement. This is NOT an attempt to change your vote for President. Vote FOR whoever you think is the best candidate in November. But right now, vote AGAINST the corrupt political system that has worked to keep you from even knowing Buddy Roemer was running and on the GOP ballot in Michigan by voting FOR Buddy Roemer (I) in the GOP primary. (Although we wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to vote for him in November once you actually get a chance to learn about him.)

Let's shake up the corrupt GOP and corporate–owned media who is making millions in ad revenue off of Citizens United

So What Is The Plan?

Democrats & Independents! Occupy the GOP Primary. Go to the polls on February 28th and cast your vote in the GOP Primary. 

Vote FOR the 99%. Vote FOR Buddy Roemer in the GOP primary.

 Let’s send a message to BOTH parties that they will have to represent OUR interests if they expect our vote in the fall.

Let’s send a message to the media that we can think and assess on our own.

Let’s heed Buddy’s call “Wake Up America, They’ve Stolen Our Government”